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Vacation Rental Restriction

Are you currently or planning to rent-out your home with short-term services like HomeAway, VRBO or others? If so, changes to our CC&Rs require a minimum 30-day rental period. There is a “grandfather clause” for properties that were used as short-term rentals before July 1, 2018.

The approved Amendment No 2, adopted by the Association membership in May 2019, under ARTICLE X, PROTECTIVE COVENANTS Section 1. Residential Use. states: “No building or structure of any kind whatsoever other than a single family dwelling house, private garage, guest home, and related outbuildings shall be erected on any Tract. All buildings and structures shall be used for residential purposes only. All Tracts in Lonesome Dove Ranch are designated residential.

No dwelling house or guest home may be leased for less than thirty (30) days, EXCEPT THAT any dwelling house or guest home that was being leased for less than thirty (30) days as of July 1, 2018, may continue to be leased until such time as the Tract is sold or transferred to a third party. When such Tract is sold or transferred to a third party, all such leases shall terminate and no additional leases for less than 30 days shall be allowed.”

If you are or have been renting your home as a short-term rental, you may owe the state some tax money.

Here is a helpful guide to see if you may owe the taxman.

CC&R Amendments Approved

The voting for amending our CC&Rs has finalized for the Ranch.  We were able to get nearly everyone to vote, which was a challenge.  The votes were tabulated and the results are final. The results were registered with the county and they are officially on file. 

There were nine proposed amendments.  Numbers one through seven were approved by no less than 75% as stipulated in the original CC&Rs.  Proposed amendments 8 and 9 did not pass.

Voting Results

Approved CC&R amendments. 

Proposed Amendments to the CC&Rs

The Board of Directors are proposing an amendment to the CC&Rs. The proposed amendment can be viewed here:  LDRHA First Amendment to Declaration v1

Timeline for the CC&R Amendment

  • Membership Comment Submittal Deadline: December 1, 2018
  • Voting on the Final Version of the Amendment: January 2019
    The date for vote submittal is pending.

Pursuant to the existing CC&Rs, an amendment will require an approval of 75% of the Tract Owners [Article IX, Section 5].

The Board requests all association members review this document and submit comments to their attention. Comments should be sent via US Mail or by email.

Email the Board of Directors with your comments

U.S. Mail Address
Lonesome Dove Ranch
Homeowners’ Association
P.O. Box 212
Cameron, MT 59720

Thank you!