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Annual Meeting

On Saturday, July 27th, the Annual Meeting of the Association was held at the Ennis Town Hall.


  • Dave LaClair joins the Board of Directors.
  • Mail box platform has been installed to accommodate additional boxes.
  • Residents are encouraged to reduce vehicle speeds to reduce airborne dust.
  • A proposed entry gate was tabled, due its expense.
  • Weed spraying will be performed along the right-of-way.
  • RFQs for road maintenance will be issued.
  • The feasibility of a community package drop-off station will be studied.

Meeting Minutes

CC&R Amendments Approved

The voting for amending our CC&Rs has finalized for the Ranch.  We were able to get nearly everyone to vote, which was a challenge.  The votes were tabulated and the results are final. The results were registered with the county and they are officially on file. 

There were nine proposed amendments.  Numbers one through seven were approved by no less than 75% as stipulated in the original CC&Rs.  Proposed amendments 8 and 9 did not pass.

Voting Results

Approved CC&R amendments.